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May 13, 2006

First Blog

Well this is my first blog I am posting a lot of kinks are going to be needed to be worked out. Anyways I thought I would take a short bit to tell my views on this past weeks E3.

E3 left me with mixed feelings I am getting really excited with the new Nintendo Wii but the controllers have me worried I just have this nasty feeling that it could get to tiring to play. Like I love to lay back and lounge and play games not flail my arms about like a scary person. But until I can touch one and actually try it I don't know. However I will be buying one.

The other big news is Sony's abysmal PS3 news. First they are charging you $500 for a system that will have blue-ray but be incapable of displaying high resolution video due to its lack of a DVI port. Second if you want the HD support (And this is why the PS3 is so expensive in the first place and a big thing Sony bragged about forever) you need to pay $600. $600! Its outrageous and a good way to shoot themselves in the foot. But hardcore PS fans who want their final fantasy fix will need to buy one so they essentially don't care. Having the president say it should be more expensive didn't help their cause though. And the controller is so unoriginal and looks like such an afterthought its not even funny.

Anyways more laters.


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