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May 18, 2006

Nintendo Wii....The New World Order?

Ok Wii is a stupid name. But stupid names don't break a console apparently. At E3 Nintendo showed that they were doing something right as they were the most packed booth during the entire show shattering all sorts of records.

What is so appealing about the Wii? Well one thing is probably the most obvious: The remote. Something that a lot of people first mocked apparently is more appealing then anyone, probably including Nintendo, could have imagined. It reminded me of the DS's announcement. Everyone laughed and said who the hell needs two screens but Nintendo stood firm and it came out and now it is showing to be more popular with the masses then Sony's more powerful PSP. Why? Innovation. People are getting sick of playing the same games the same way. After all while Halo 3, Grand Theft Auto 4, and Madden 200x can all be fun games its nothing incredibly new. And the whole market is showing that even in Nintendo console market. All we are getting are highly rated and anticipated sequels. Nothing truly innovative nothing original. Probably why Spore seemed to be so appealing to the PC folks (which I am a part of), sequels are becoming dull was anyone surprised when Halo 3 was announced? hah. People are more excited at the new way to play consoles that Nintendo introduced and that PS3 ripped off (not that anyone cared about PS3's use only one game showed it had any support for it)

Gamers want new ideas and Nintendo saw this. Yes prettier graphics are nice and good old games we like to play (Fable 2, Halo 3, GTA4, Madden 2007) but sometimes we just need something different. And I think the Wii and the DS both show people may not care about graphics if the gameplay is innovative. Afterall with consoles now reaching astonomical prices just for a better image quality who can blame them. Would you rather have the Wii at $200 and Gamecube like graphics but highly innovative titles or a Sony PS3 with its superior graphics but standard library of showcase games?

The Wii's gun controller seems amazing for FPS's. I for one look forward to being able to point and shoot instead of the horrendous manner of aiming used in Halo (I am truly a PC FPS'er so kb/mouse for me). Other games that I noted was the Ochestra Conductor game. I mean honestly who has not pretended to be a conductor when they were younger. And now you can be. Also trauma center is coming to the Wii another amazingly innovative title. I have no doubts there will be a Brain Game for the Wii as well.

Also this Wii launch is going to have a ton of titles at launch unlike PS3 whose developers haven't even gotten dev kits yets and whose Blu-Ray has yet to actually been seen working.

It sounds to me like a new Nintendo rebirth is coming....and E3 was the start of it.


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