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May 17, 2006

Sony - Stupid or Just Arrogant?

Ah Sony, maker of TVs, movies, music, audio equipment, and the infamous playstation line. Does being so big really get to their head? I would say...yes.

First lets look at Sony's response to customer service.

Example 1:
When the PSP first came out the square button would often get stuck. According to Sony's PR rep this was a feature not a defect.....What the **** kinda of feature is that? "Thanks for purchasing a PSP one of the top features we offer you with this advance unit is the Square Hold button where the Square key will actually get stuck and adds a new level of randomness to your game" Evetnually Sony bent under pressure and recalled the damaged units and replaced them and admitted later it was a defect in the manufacturing process with some molds.

Example 2:
Sony PS2 - Its not a secret that the read disc error is a problem with the PS2 line. Its a big enough issue that it has spawned an entire business around buying disc read error PS2's and then repairing them and then reselling them on ebay again. You can goto a bookstore and find books on how to fix it even. What the hell does that say? Yet Sony admits there is no such issue and that is restricted to a small number of units. They were sued and was forced to fix a number of units but that is of course up. No one really cares now because the bulky PS2's have been replaced by the slimlines which seem to be a bit more durable. But there are still reports of even those having that issue. And with a whopping 3 month warrenty there is little hope of getting your PS2 fixed for free. I highly recommend buying an extended service contract from whatever store you buy it from if you buy one. Then you get to deal witht he store directly not even Sony leading me to Number 3....

Example 3:
Ever try and call tech support? Yeah call Sony and you get a wonderful automated computer menu system. Which apparently does not know english. I called for my Sony Clie before and trying to tell the computer I owned a clie was mind numbing:
Computer: "What product do you own just say the name"
Me: "Sony Clie SJ22"
Computer: "Did you say Sony DVD Player"
Me: "No..."
Computer:"Lets try again then...repeat the name"
Me: "Sony Clie"
Computer:"I am sorry I do ot understand you request try again"
Computer:"Do you own a Sony Walkman"
Computer:"I am having trouble understanding you let me transfer to a man thing to serve you"
Me:"I hate you sony"

Nuff said...

Example 4:
Sony seems to think since half a bajillion people bought the PS2 that the same will happen with the PS3. See they have a bajillion titles in their library and then they also have the Playstation names. Based on that they think people will spend $500 for a castrated piece of crap PS3 which has no wireless controllers or networking, no HD capabality which was a selling point for it since it uses Blu-ray which they insist everyone needs and only adds to the cost of the unit and games, and has only a 20gb drive. They want people to buy the $600 system I bet, but what they fail to understand when the average consumer mom and dad are looking at the systems they are not going to see that it has all these nifty fancy yet useless features all they know is little Timmy wants a PS3 and they are going to get the cheapest one or sanity might set in and they may just buy a Xbox 360 for the low low price of $300-$400 (though by the time PS3 comes out that is supposed to drop by $100) or even a Nintendo Wii the only console out that will not cost an arm and a leg (Probably $200).

Sony's response to its uber high price? "Its too cheap" Wow thanks Sony we love you too. How nice of them to thank all their loyal fans.


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