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July 14, 2006

Sony's format failure....

YAY! Its time to bash Sony some more. Recently Sony admitted that UMD is a complete and utter failure. At least from the form of movies. One could say it is a failure for games too. The UMD format has been subject to ridiculous amounts of load screens and times and only has a 1.5gb capacity. Compare that to Sony's own memory stick and one can see that its pretty bad Memory Sticks have a capacity for up to 2GB a stick and since its solid state: loads faster and uses a lot less power.

Apparently noticed this too. After determining somehow that consumers are not buying UMD movies due to the lack of special features and other things Sony decided the best course of action is to do the following:

1) People will go to store and get a "special" memory stick ($60 for 1gb and $100 for 2gb) with that "special" memory stick comes a DVD with 4 movies that will only play on a PSP. You also get an unlock code.

2) With that code you can unlock (1) movie and then basically wait for your PC to slowly move that movie to the memory stick. Each stick can only hold (1) movie (Thus making you ask why is there a need for a 2gb stick well I guess to add the rest of you stuff on but still.....)

3) Watch movie on PSP like we should all do.

Yes that is the plan. Brilliant huh? See Sony figures it has nothing to do with the fact that they want you to spend $20 for a DVD to watch it on your TV with all the special features that come with it and then spend $20 on a castrated UMD movie without any special features just to watch the same movie on your PSP.....Instead they figure people will spend now $60-$100 for 4 movies only one of which they can watch. Hopefully they will release entertainment packs that do not cost $60 for one movie. Either way they fail to understand people do not want to spend the same amount on movies that only play on their PSP maybe if they released like movie double packs like you buy the movie and with that movie that say costs like 25 or 30 bucks you get a UMD copy as well....Or just let people rip movies to their PSP legally. Either way some exec at Sony needs to realize that Sony is incapable of producing a their own formats lets add UMD to the list of death...

1) Betamax

2) Mini discs

3) Memory Sticks (Yes they are useless: expensive and big memory sticks are only supported by Sony products everyone else moved on to greener pastures.)

4) UMD
Coming Soon.....Blu-Ray


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